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How to Pack a Duffle Bag Efficiently

If you want to have an good travel bag, you should consider investing in duffle bag. Depending on the model you choose, its size allows you to put almost anything that you need for your travel. Keep in mind, airlines these days will charge you for flyers, so to cut down on luggage fees, simply opt for this type of bag.

But just because it’s an excellent bag for traveling doesn’t mean it can immediately reduce baggage fees. You also need to know how to pack this bag so everything that you need can be put inside.

How to pack a duffle bag?

First, you’ll want to prepare everything that you need for the trip. Arrange them from low-priority items to high-priority things.

To make it easier for you to access the bag’s bottom, you should fold down its upper edges.

Then, start by putting in your low-priority items. These are items that you don’t need in a hurry. If they’re non-clothing items, you should only put the most durable items. On the other hand, if they’re clothing, pajamas and spare pair of pants can be placed in the bottom.

To avoid wrinkling, you must consider rolling them into a cylindrical shape. Then, place them in a row. This type of folding minimizes wrinkling and letting you pack more clothes.

The extra spaces in a duffle bag can be used for your underwear, socks and other small items. On top of the bag, you should put the reserve items that you have, like toiletries and medication. These items can also be placed in the compartments of your bag, if it has some.

As soon as you are near the top of the bag, you need to shake the bag up. This trick is very useful if you want your clothes to settle. It will create more space for you to pack more clothes that you need for the trip.

Small lock

You’ll never know what will happen on your trip. If you’re flying, you should consider securing your duffle bag with a TSA lock. It’s a type of lock that’s made and designed by the Transportation Security Administration. It protects your bag while it allows security officials to open it if they need to check the contents manually.

Where to buy a duffle bag?

You can find it anywhere. The easiest place is through the Internet. There are several websites offering such and some of them do provide discounts.