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Types of Water Filter System You Can Use

Water filter systems remove contaminants in your tap water, and although tap water is safe to drink in most areas, some people can’t drink it because of their health issues. Individuals with weak immune system, for instance, may not drink it because it may hamper their health. But they don’t have to buy bottled water every day, they can ensure that the water they’re drinking is safe from contaminants by installing a water filtration device in their homes.

What type of system to use?
You can purchase the cheapest device on the market but you must ask yourself: does it comply with the industry standards? Experts recommend getting a water filter device that has a label of NSF/ANSI with standard 53, which means that it has been certified to effectively and safely remove bacteria from the tap water.

This type of system doesn’t only eliminate contaminants but it can also remove odors and tastes from the water. Parasites and some heavy metals are also removed.

Obviously, you don't need to treat water that you use for the toilet or for instance for filling your steam mop, but if you want to drink your tap water you want to be sure it's free from bacteria.

One of the most popular water filter devices utilizes reverse osmosis system, which can be used in conjunction with ultraviolet exposure. This type of filtration system removes impurities so you can drink healthy, clean drinking water.