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The Main Reasons Why Garbage Disposals Clog

Garbage Disposals

A garbage disposal is a truly useful appliance, but unfortunately many homeowners don’t know how to properly care for it. As a result, it gets clogged causing problem in grinding food waste.

Often time, clogs are caused by how the food waste reacts to water. The lack of water can also cause clogging to your garbage disposer. To better understand why your unit clogs, here are its most common causes:

1. Not enough water
Your unit clogs when you don’t put sufficient amount of water when it’s grinding food waste. As they say it, the unit won’t carry the waste to the drainage system causing a build up within the drain lines.

2. Egg shells or coffee grounds
When you grind these items, the unit will only create granular waste. The tiny waste will just stick in the pipe causing a clog.

3. Grinding potato peels and banana peels
They are common clog makers. The starchy paste created after grinding potato peels can clog the drain quickly. Same goes with banana peels, the only difference is that they add stringy fibers to the mixture.

The simple way to fix garbage disposal clogging is to flush it with plenty of water.