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4 Tips to Maximize the Use of Your Microwave

Sharp 950-Watt 1-2/5-Cubic-Foot Over-the-Range Microwaves

These days a microwave is quite an ordinary appliance, almost every household has one. When we need a new one we usually don't spend a lot of time researching multiple microwave oven reviews, because people think they already know what to look for.

However, most of us are only using it for heating foods like a frozen dinner or a day-old pizza. But did you know that your microwave can do more than that? Here are some tips that can make your life easier with the help of this appliance.

1.Remove stamps and re-use them
Yes, a postage stamp can be recycled! To remove it without damaging it, you just have to add drops of water onto the stamp and place it inside your microwave. Heat it for about 20 seconds. The stamp will easily come off.

2.Cut onions without the tears
Chopping onions could also mean having tears in your eyes. To avoid “crying” while slicing them, you just need to heat them for 30 seconds inside this appliance. After that, you can easily chop them without stinging your eyes.

3.Restore a crystallized honey
When you refrigerate a jar of honey, it will cause crystallization. But microwave can help you restore it by heating a jar of honey using this appliance for two minutes.

4.Obtain a hot compress
With a microwave, you no longer have to wait for hot running water to get a hot compress. Just heat a wet towel for about a minute and you’ll have a hot compress fast.

Truly, with these tricks, you can maximize the use of your microwave. As you can see, this appliance is not just for heating leftovers. It can do more than that to make your life a lot easier.